Teleprompter systems are used to display the news texts for presenters
helping them not to look down at the written notes and perform the
news while directly looking into the lenses. In this system the text is
displayed on a screen which is usually horizontally placed below the
camera lens and the words are reflected by a glass which is placed in
front of the lens (and the presenter sees that like a mirror) so that the
presenter can watch them and control the motion of displayed text by
using a pedal.
IMA Teleprompter can either be integrated with IMA Newsroom.
In this case, IMA Teleprompter automatically receives the news texts
and produces a list of them. Furthermore, the text can be edited
while the presenter is reading the news. The connection between the
presenter and the control room is a particular advantage of this system.
While performing the news, the control room can send messages to
the presenter or receive presenter’s requests
IMA Teleprompter system consists of both hardware and software
parts and is managed via a simple user interface. This system provides
different types of outputs for both camera and monitors in the control
room. By connecting to the LAN, both studio equipments and central
control unit work under the network structure.





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