7Segment Clock Display S3-T24M16


نمایشگر ساعت

SAAT Display with ability to display time, text message and temperature, is placed in a black metal box. It is installable on wall or rack (3U) and uses an RJ45 jack for connection and getting power as well (customized option). The connection type is Ethernet and it connected to a server with NTP protocol to receive and display time. If no server connection is possible, it will locally calculate time and display it.

An interface application helps user apply desired configurations and adjustments like local time, display mode and … via LAN network.

Main features:

  • Installable on wall
  • 3U rack mount
  • LAN connection
  • 50 meter sight distance
  • time and date display
  • Receiving time and date from resources
  • 100 to 2230 VDC power
  • Preserving time and configurations in case of power outage
  • Interface application
  • Ability to display local time and Gregorian calendar
  • Size S3:  60x430x130 mm





    اینستاگرام ساعت الکترونیک  توییتر ساعت الکترونیک


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