Master Clock - T24M07


7segments T24M16

 SAAT Master Clock connects to the LAN and acts as a reliable NTP server; its parameters can be adjusted using the related software application via the network. It has three specified ports to which 9 SAAT Displays can connect and each display can be adjusted separately using the related software application via the LAN. It also benefits from three optional inputs to be used considering the environmental conditions and situation: GPS, EBU and NTP. It has the ability to. Some other distinguished features of SAAT Master Clock are: connecting to GPS antenna and receiving the time signal from satellites equipped with extra-precise clocks, acting as an NTP client in absence of other time references and using the internet as a time reference.

Main features:

  • Responding NTP requests
  • Extracting date and time from GPS signal
  • Extracting time from EBU signal
  • Extracting date and time from an NTP server in the internet
  • Adjusting connected NTP Client with a regular time period
  • Connecting to 9 displays at the same time
  • Providing TCP connection to adjust the device through the LAN
  • Rack-mount with 1U height
  • RS422 connection and ASCII code and three of RJ45 ports
  • Receiving date and time
  • 12 to 40 VDC power
  • preserving time and adjustments in case of power outage
  • adjusting displays using the related application

displaying date and timeock master Clock   






    اینستاگرام ساعت الکترونیک  توییتر ساعت الکترونیک


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